Malvika Fulwani

Malvika Fulwani is a Post Graduate in Dietetics, certified Diabetes Educator and a Certified Nutrigenetics Counsellor. After self- experimenting all the yo-yo diets and fighting her own weight loss battle, Malvika has learnt the importance of balanced diet and now has a holistic approach towards health and fitness.

Malvika has worked with Hospitals like Care Hospital, Nagpur, Dr. Sunil Gupta’s Diabetes Care And Research Center, Nagpur, HCGNCHRI Cancer Hospital Nagpur and Fortis Hospital, Mulund.

As your Dietitian, Malvika believes Food is the only basic necessity every living organism has right from the moment it is conceived till its last breath, food decides whether you will be ill or you will be healthily fit. She is here to empower you to have a “HEALTHITUDE- Healthy + Attitude”.